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The Chemist Myrtle Beach Discount

The Chemist

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1 Free dessert with an Entree purchase; one free dessert per table.

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The Chemist
300 9th Avenue North, Myrtle Beach, SC
Phone: 843-445-7077
Hours: Monday - Friday 4pm - 10pm
Saturday - Sunday 11am - 10pm

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The Chemist - Craft Cocktails and Modern Cuisine

Larry and Fabiana Bond, of Bond Fire Restaurant Group in Myrtle Beach, own a fantastically fun restaurant that emphasizes molecular gastronomy in both food and beverages at The Chemist - Craft Cocktails and Modern Cuisine. Located in the heart of historic downtown Myrtle Beach on 9th Avenue North a block from the ocean, the Bonds and Executive Chef Sean C. Thomas are delighted to present this exciting interpretation of fresh and local dishes.

Expect flavors and sensations that will give science buffs and food fans thoroughly entertaining experiences, and discover why Chef Thomas was the 2013 South Carolina Seafood Chef of the Year.

The menu is seriously mouth-watering with hearty choices like coriander-dusted tuna that’s seared with liquid nitrogen and served with wasabi pearls; roasted pork belly with pomegranate molasses barbecue sauce and “peas” in various scientific forms; and moist and tender beef and duck confit dishes that are prepared in a carefully controlled sous-vide bath.
Like smoked meats? Try Chef Thomas’ Seared Smoked Trout under Glass with bamboo rice risotto, balsamic-glazed shiitake mushrooms and his famous XO sauce. Share a New Age charcuterie plate with Serrano ham and zesty spherical taste explosions.

As for desserts, they’re a fantastic encore with fruit and chocolate choices that will end your meal with a bang!

The Chemist cocktail menu offers beakers, glasses and even mini copper pots full of elemental surprises. There’s a Thyme Machine best accompanied by a Flux Capacitor, Radioactive Coke that might make your systems blow, the Periodically Peach Martini and, straight from the forensic experts in Transylvania, the blood-red Viscostini.

The Chemist Reviews:

Reviewed January 4, 2017
"This place has, in one night, become a staple for any future trip to Myrtle. I will definitely be back (Feel free to bring this out to Raleigh though and save me that drive!). The prices were extremely reasonable especially considering the restaurants location on the strip. The drinks were full of flavor and presented in a manner that warranted many snapchats and instagram posts. But don't let the drinks steal you away into the night, the restaurant is not just a one trick pony. The main course and deserts were just as flavorful as the drinks presented with their own quirks as well. Check out The Chemist if you want something a little different, that you wont forget, or regret."
-Christopher Ellis

Reviewed September 15, 2016
"An absolutely amazing craft cocktail bar and the kitchen had an unexpectedly amazing menu! The best shrimp scampi I have ever tasted in my life. Sold in the fact that their Molecular Mule had ginger beer made in house and all of their cocktails are made from fresh fruit juices and in house created mixes and ingredients. There were some great craft beers on draft, but we never made it past the amazing (and lit up!) craft cocktail menus. The atmosphere feels like something out if a science experiment with volumetric beakers amid dry ice abound. I cannot say enough about this place. Also checked out their sister restaurant Art Burgers and Sushi. We will be checking out Gordo's tacos today. Brilliant food all around."
-William Joseph Perry

Reviewed August 27, 2016
"My husband and I have recently put our beach home under contract for a one year lease. We've been checking out all the places that we had wanted to visit. We consider ourselves relatively well traveled throughout the U.S. and abroad. My very favorite restaurant of all time is in Tuscany, Italy. I'm 50 err, something yrs. old so I've dined in quite a few places. When I told my husband that I thought the The Chemist rivaled the Tuscan restaurant that the mere thought makes us our mouths water, we both gasped! The atmosphere! The knowledge of the food preparation by the wait staff, the amazing specialty alcohol "concoctions" and the friendliness of the entire staff was absolutely FANTASTIC! But..... THE FOOD!!!! Holy Mary, Mother of God, be still my stomach!! Yummy is the understatement of the millennium!! You HAVE to try this place!!! We liked it, if you can't tell! My nearly 20,000 Twitter followers will definitely hear about this Myrtle Beach hidden gem!!"
-Char Lehew

Visit The Chemist website click here.

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