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Molten Mountain Mini Golf North Myrtle Beach Discount

Molten Mountain Mini Golf

Your Molten Mountain Mini Golf North Myrtle Beach Discount:

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Molten Mountain Mini Golf
1010 Vereen Rd North Myrtle Beach, SC
Phone: 843-280-5095
Hours: Please Call

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Amidst the lush, tropical isle of Molten Mountain lie many secrets waiting to be discovered. The bravest of the young and the wisest of the old have all come to this enchanted land in search of adventure. Some have never returned to tell their tales. Adventurers be warned, the Volcano which lies at the heart of Molten Mountain holds many mysteries and treasures, but it is a very angry Volcano. Its wrath is fierce and swift and shows no mercy.

Two unique 18 hole courses are waiting to be discovered.

Your journey through Pele’s Revenge will take you outdoors around the base of the Volcano. Enjoy playing through the lush, tropical landscape, waterfalls of lava, and volcanic atmosphere. Pele’s Revenge also offers the exclusive Mischief Spinner Game to add an original, exciting and unpredictable twist to your miniature golf experience. Adventurers beware… Molten Mountain explodes with fire in a ground trembling, drum pounding, volcanic erupting, smoke filled special effects show every 30 minutes!

The outdoor course at Molten Mountain is also handicap accessible and stroller friendly.

Lava Louie’s Challenge, the completely indoor 18 hole temperature controlled course, is Molten Mountain’s main attraction. Follow Lava Louie through the heart of the special effects filled Volcano, playing the most unique and challenging holes ever designed. Enjoy 2 levels of play while Lava Louie guides you along the path inside the active Volcano. Journey through the volcanic villages, lava pools, smoke stacks and ancient tribal artifacts.

Both courses have educational facts about Volcanoes and mythology at every hole!

Visit Molten Mountain Mini Golf website click here.

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