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106 Sayebrook Pkwy, SayeBrook Town Center, Myrtle Beach, SC
Phone: (843) 293-8800
Hours: Sun - Thurs: 11am - 10pm; Friday & Saturday: 11am - 11pm

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Located in SayeBrook Town Center, BurgerFi isn’t an industrialized fast food giant nor is it your ordinary burger joint.

BurgerFi was started in a gourmet kitchen, by gourmet Chefs. Not knowing fast food, the back of the house is built to be less burger joint, more five-star restaurant. When they needed a sauce, the Chefs didn’t call a food supplier, they started chopping, mixing and cooking.

BurgerFi is better: serving only the finest natural certified angus burgers, dogs, hand-cut fries, frozen custard and more.

BurgerFi sources from one of the best ranches in the country, where the cattle roam free, breathe mountain air, eat grass and are treated humanely. BurgerFi never waivers from this high standard and that does not come easy, nor inexpensively.

Fact is, there are simpler ways to put a burger on a bun, but they are not better.

BurgerFi also prides itself by going beyond just cooking burgers, they are better for the environment as each location is built to environmentally sustainable best practices and includes earth-friendly elements.

BurgerFi Reviews:

Reviewed 7/27/2016
"Best burger in town. The ceo burger is the best thing I have ever eaten. The owner and staff are very welcoming with 5 star service."
John G

Reviewed 6/18/2016
"Staff is super friendly and the food is delicious. Most of the negative reviews are about price and are from unsophisticated people who don't understand that buying meat that is certified hormone and antibiotic free is more expensive than low grade beef."
David T.

Reviewed July 2016 via mobile
"The burgers were great, the fries were great, and the staff was awesome. On a note the bucket of fries is A LOT, so if you have 4 or less people get the next size down."

Reviewed July 2016 via mobile
"Burger Fi - rating higher than 5 Guys. I felt Burger Fi's standard burger was better than 5 Guy's. This review is a comparison since the concept of the two chains is somewhat similar and pricing of standard burger and fries about the same. I do like 5 Guys but now prefer Burger Fi. Burger Fi's French fried potatoes were toastier and crisper and more substantial. I also liked veggie burger much much better. They also have pricier offerings like Wagyu double beef CEO. This was a take-out order. Burger Fi's packaging is better for takeout than 5. Burgers made it home perfectly intact. Fi has a nice big seating area and should expand their menu to help bring in a dine-in crowd. Suggest they add healthier fare like cole slaw and salad. Company web site shows big fresh Cole slaw but this location did not have. Staff was very friendly and timed our call-in order perfect. THANKS!"

Visit BurgerFi website click here.

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