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Fuddruckers North Myrtle Beach Discount

Fuddruckers North Myrtle Beach

Your Fuddruckers North Myrtle Beach Discount:

10% Off Check, excludes alcohol and bakery

This discount is approved by Cora Curtis, GM
Fuddruckers North Myrtle Beach
10435 North Kings Highway North Myrtle Beach, SC
Phone: 843-272-8637
Hours: Sunday thru Thursday 11 am to 8 pm; Friday & Saturday 11 am to 9 pm

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FUDDRUCKERS prepares the "World's Greatest Hamburgers". These words are not so easy to live by. To say that we are the greatest implies that we will serve the best. o what gives us the right to say this? Every day at Fuddruckers in Myrtle Beach, we cut and grind our meat fresh, we bake our buns and cookies fresh, and we cut and slice our produce fresh, all this on a daily basis. We serve the "WORLD'S GREATEST HAMBURGERS" in the cleanest restaurants by the World's Finest Associates who use only the highest quality ingredients available. FUDDRUCKERS was developed by Philip J. Romano in March of 1980. He had a passion for hamburgers, actually HE LOVED THEM. Having owned restaurants before, he had a strong desire to start a restaurant that served food he loved… THE HAMBURGER. Romano had a passion to make this hamburger the best way possible. In searching for a restaurant that served this hamburger, he had trouble finding that one place. So he looked at the items which would make up this hamburger and became determined to create the "WORLD'S GREATEST HAMBURGERS". He simply determined that the finest hamburger was made up of some very basic components: the MEAT, the BUN, the PRODUCE, a very clean restaurant, and the dedicated Associates. So he looked at each component and set out to determine how to make the BEST of each of these items so he could create the "World's Greatest Hamburger"!

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