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Boardwalk Coffee House Myrtle Beach Discount

Boardwalk Coffee House

Your Boardwalk Coffee House Myrtle Beach Discount:

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This discount is approved by DeAnn Sarver, Owner
Boardwalk Coffee House
104 9th Ave North, Beside the Bowery, Myrtle Beach, SC
Phone: 843-839-1230
Hours: Breakfast served daily from 8 am - 11:30 am;

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Boardwalk Coffeehouse opened it's doors in May of 2010 at the new Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. They are committed to serving you the best and freshest coffee products in Myrtle Beach. They started in the coffee business for over 10 years ago and have opened five successful coffee houses. They know what the customer loves and do their best to wow them every time.

The Boardwalk Coffee House is focused on providing the very best coffee products with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. They also offer a large selection of desserts and frozen treats if you would rather have something cool to combat a hot summer day. DeAnn's motto is - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Free Wifi available at Boardwalk Coffeehouse

Boardwalk Coffeehouse Reviews:

So I wake up early, and its a habit, even on vacation...and when I wake up, I want coffee. So when I woke up at 6AM on the first day of vacation to find we hadn't packed any coffee for our trip, I went out to find a cup and this was surprisingly difficult. There are a couple of chains like Dunkin and Starbucks (and I literally mean a couple), but these places had lines out the door. I wanted something local anyways, so I passed them by. When I happened upon Boardwalk coffee house just as they were opening (and I was about to throw a fit for not being able to find coffee), it was a godsend. I got an egg sandwich and a cup of coffee, my wife had a green juice smoothie, fearing she wouldn't have enough greens on vacation (rightfully so). Everything was good and service was friendly. I'd have given them a 5 if they opened at 5AM or 6AM, but I guess that's vacation in the slow south for you.

We love visiting this coffee shop when we are in the area. It was hot out, so we tried their iced coffee and it was very good and the prices was much less than the big coffee chains. We tried stopping in another day, but were told they were out of iced coffee. Ah well... This is one of our must stop places when we visit Myrtle Beach.

Honestly I looked for about an hour to find a great coffee spot on the beach, this was it. Brew was really good ( think I had a vanilla hazelnut type of coffee) and breakfast sandwich was great. From a coffee snob from a large city, this place definitely fit the bill of a place for the morning

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